"...been wadin' through the high muddy water"
Banner advertising at Muddy Water
Muddy Water offers a unique advertising opportunity to companies wishing to reach a wide audience and diverse demographic at a very reasonable price.

We're averaging 15-20,000 visitors /25-30,000 page views per month. We have readers in all of the categories listed above.
We especially cater to music fans, who cover a wide spectrum
of likes and interests.

At Muddy Water, we will discuss with you the best placement strategy, in which we'll make sure that your banner is situated on a page that is in tune with your company or product. We
can easily resize any of your existing banners. Our banner placement policy is to continually rotate your banner ad to one the most active pages every three to five days, depending on where the most current site traffic is. That way, your ad will constantly be reaching the most number of new customers.
We can send you representative tracking number charts to show average visitors / page views.

(Currently averaging 15-20,000 / 25-30,000 month, respectively.)

We accept Pay Pal payments via email invoice.(Pay Pal accepts credit cards, and you don't need a Pay Pal account to make payment.) We also accept checks via regular mail. Your banner ad will go onto the Muddy Water site on the same day payment is verified. You'll be notified via email as to the placement date/starting date of the 30 day period. You can, of course, advertise for as many consecutive 30 day periods you like. In advertising for any three month period, advertisers receive one extra banner of the same size for free - six months, 2 extra same-size free banners.

Banner sizes and prices are presented by the examples shown. All prices reflect two banner placements per month.

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Wolfgang's Vault - Bonnie Raitt Memorabilia
#1 /Large top horizontal banner  / 2 page placements
$35 month
Alibris, Inc.
Alibris, Inc., Inc.
#3 / Large double-size rectangle /
2 placements   $100 month
#5 /Small rectangle (one of three examples below) / 2 placements    $15 month
Crawdaddy Magazine
#4 / Large rectangle right section / 2 placements 
$50 month
Discover Dylan on
# 2/ Small hoizontal banner/2 placements $25 month
Wolfgang's Vault
#6 / Large bottom banner / 2 placements     $45 month
"...been wadin' through the high muddy water"