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Carolyn Wonderland
Singer, guitarist extraordinaire
Carolyn Wonderland ought to be a household word.

Yessir, a star.

Suppose, just suppose for a second that there was a guitarist out there who was a woman and whose chops could rival Stevie Ray Vaughn’s, who’s singing has the power, conviction and soul of Janis and Aretha, who wrote great songs and who also worked for good causes, like ending war and Habitat for Humanity. You’d think she’d be a household word, right? But in this world of corporate conglomerates running the music biz churning out female singers everybody goes gaga over, based on sex goddess looks
and outlandish outfits rather than talent, Carolyn doesn’t
fit into the prescribed molds, though she's actually damn cute. She's just too original, too herself, too genuine to be packaged, stamped and sent out as part of the media machine in units of millions at a time.

So she just shrugs and plugs in and plays. And blows the
roof off the sucker. Every time.

Austin, TX. based Carolyn Wonderland is that marvel of
a musician who can do it all, make it look easy, and at the same time, give every performance a "This might be the last song I’m ever going to play so I’m giving it my entire heart and soul" energy. She’s been wowing fans in the Houston and Austin Texas areas for over ten years now, and she tours all over the world. Carolyn’s the best kept secret in music. Though she’s been on Austin City Limits, and her music has appeared on TV’s Homicide and Time of Your Life, she’s still rockin’ and knockin’ ‘em dead under the national radar. Which is a shame. Fan Bob Dylan said he couldn’t understand why Carolyn Wonderland isn’t huge.
Me either. But don't take my word for it, or even Bob's, check her out for yourself, look at the videos here, buy her records. Then tell all your friends. You'll be making the world a better place. Carolyn'll probably appreciate it to.                       
                                                                         Will Brennan
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