"...been wadin' through the high muddy water"
Just Like a Woman
Bob Dylan / Rolling Thunder Review / Plymouth, Mass.
Halloween Night, 1975

This live recording comes courtesy of the good folks at Wolfgang's Vault. Go there yourself to hear the whole show, streamed in its entirety. You can also download entire concerts to own for around $10 bucks. Anyway, this is the next to last song of the night, and Dylan sings it magnificently, alternating tenderness and bitterness and heartache and objective reportage of the human condition. You can hear the band rising to the occasion, cradling the song in sweet, lyrical surrounding sound, lovely pedal steel guitar and Scarlet Rivera's violin, the instrumentalists deftly filling the spaces without stepping over each other, melding into a cohesive whole that's organic and everchanging, exactly the kind of spontaneous interchange that Dylan loves. For anyone who saw these shows and anyone who didn't, this is a front row seat.

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