With These Hands
Tokyo Tramps

Boston's Tokyo Tramps, a blues/rock band who are all originally from Japan, stick close to their first love, the blues, on their newest, With These Hands. Guitarist Satoru Nakagawa is an accomplished player who could hold his own onstage with major guitar slingers. The Tramps play straight ahead blues in “Holler and Shout,” Big Joe Williams’ “Highway 49,” the old standard “Rollin’ and Tumblin,’” the swampy, slow slide guitar workout, “Down to the River,” and the upbeat “I’ll Give You All My Best.” “Light on the Inside” and “Dance of the Kindred Spirit,” are country blues tunes in a Creedence-y vein, “Warm My Heart” a John Hiatt-like mid-tempo song and bassist Yukiko Fujii (Nakagawa's wife) steps into Bonnie Raitt territory (via Tokyo) with “Nothing But the Blues” and the title track, “With These Hands.” The original songs here are well crafted, the band is consistantly
tight, but never rigid, they swing and feel the blues and drummer Kosei Fukuyama plays it all perfectly - tasteful, on the money, never over or under-playing. Nakagawa’s voice is a warm croon rather than a rough growl, but he sings with genuine feeling and heart. The Tokyo Tramps have been making a name for themselves on the east coast, and it’s time more people know their name. They sound anomalous at times – hearing Japanese accents singing the blues takes a little getting used to, but once you do, you'll find that the Tramps are playing real deal blues their way, which is how the blues is supposed to
be played.