Muddy Water is a music and culture magazine, aimed at showcasing what we believe is the real music and art, the best writing and the most cogent ideas being created in our society today.

So much of what's currently seen in the media today parading itself as art
is in fact commerce disguised as art - it is designed to be ephemeral - in a year it will be a memory, in a decade, a forgotten foot note. At Muddy Water, we are dedicated to writing about the music, art and ideas that we believe will remain important over time - what will be remembered and valued in 100 years, or more.

Of course, we want to have fun at the same time. We hope to entertain, enlighten and stimulate the minds of our readers with humor, different points of view, opinion, argument, silliness and plain old diversion. In all, we'll strive to give our audience a good read.

In Buddhist philosophy, the lotus flower, one of the most beautiful of flowers, blooms in the muddy water of a pond. Out of the muddy water
of our stress-filled, violence-prone, self-centered modern society, somehow the flower of culture - our music and ideas, can be magnificent.

At Muddy Water, we will attempt to present the richness of that culture, the best of us - the best music, the best books, the best art and media, the best current knowledge, the best philosophies, the best opinions, the best thoughts.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Will Brennan - Editor